3 Powerful Website Builders You Would Love

It’s an online era for every business and everyone. Having a website isn’t something only needed by businesses. More and more people want to have a website for their personal use like blogging, keeping journals, and building portfolio, but not everyone has a degree of web design. Luckily, the level of sophistication for most personal use websites is lower than the business purpose ones and they are easy to build with the right some helps. Here we got 3 popular website builders that can help you build your own website within few clicks.


wordpress website template

It’s probably the most popular website builder that most people choose to use. Comparing to Wix and Websitebuilder.com, WordPress provides its users with a more economical price with more features at the similar package. WordPress users can simply upgrade their free plan to personal plan with a cost of $3.99 per month to get the website a custom domain name, email, live chat support, and 6G storage space, which is the double of previous storage.



Wix has a strong online advertising presence that its ad appears at YouTube a lot. It’s also an easy-to-use website builder that its users can simply drag and drop to edit their website. Although it provides less storage space for its users than WordPress, it’s very generous about giving its any premium plan users, even the most basic $4.50 plan, Google Analytics integration which is only included in the Business Plan on WordPress.



Websitebuilder.com is quite similar to WordPress and Wix. They all provide their users hundreds of website templates, but Websitebuilder.com seems to provide less services than the other two website builders. However, depend on the service you need, it can still be your first choice. If you are looking for SEO, Marketing help and eCommerce at a lower cost, Websitebuilder.com might be your preferred choice.

After knowing these powerful website builders, you might ask, if most people can build websites with the help of these website builders, why people still need web developers? The answer is depending on what you need for the website. You might find the limits on customisation when you need more sophisticated functions for your website. There are still many things only experienced web developers can give you and you will know when the time comes.

If you find the template doesn’t work out for you, feel free to contact us. We will make one that works.

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