3 Ways to Find the Right Hashtags

Using hashtag has been known as an important tactic for Instagram users to grow followers. We know you’ve already known this, and we know the question you want to ask is which hashtags are the right ones for you to grow followers. This question is what we intend to answer in this post.

Google It!

Google is everyone’s friend. You can simply type some key words like “hashtags for followers,” or “hashtags for likes,” or keywords relevant to your industry in the search bar to get a bunch of recommendations for popular hashtags. You might also find some hashtags created for increasing followers like #followme, #tagforlikes, #instagood, and #instafollow.

Use Tools

In addition to search hashtags on Google, you also have other options for your hashtag hunt. You can use Websta to find the top 100 hashtags and find popular accounts by keywords or use #TagsForLikes app to find popular hashtags, both in general and in different topics, or build your own hashtag list to quickly tag your pictures.                                                                              

Do More Research

Although you might easily get some fast followers by using popular hashtags, you might still want to ask how to find hashtags with the highest relevance to your business and your target audience. It’s a simple process, but it’s also a time-consuming one. With some obvious and relevant hashtags in hand, you can search those hashtags on Instagram to find similar photos and see what other hashtags are used by the users or your competitors. It could be a long list of hashtags, but the good news is you don’t need them all. You can simply add the ones that is most relevant to your business and your target audience.

After all the hard work, you won’t want to go through it all over again every time you post, so don’t forget to record the hashtags you found useful and keep working on the list. You will find the growth in the number of your follower!

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