7 Winning Tips For Small Businesses To Get You Through This Pandemic

March of 2021, when the news about an estimated of more than 5,000 Australian businesses to collapse in three months began circulating online. We are in the last quarter of the year, where does your business stand? Are you teetering on the edge?

The entire world has changed because of COVID-19. As cases continue to rise, state lockdowns will continue to be implemented. No one can tell when this will be over and when we can return to normality in terms of economic activity and movement. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to be affected, in terms of resources and assets. The challenge is how to sustain themselves and their businesses during these difficult times.

However, if you are a small business owner, here are 7 ideas to help you get through this pandemic, although I’m sure you’ve already been brainstorming like mad.

1. The WFH Set-Up
If relevant or possible in your industry, shifting to working from home will definitely help your business continue operating amidst this chaos. Working remotely has become the “new normal” as more employers commit to this setup. Social distancing rules aside, this would simply ensure some kind of predictability in these unpredictable times. You don’t suddenly have to pack up your desk to work from home for a week, then move back into the office, etc. Both you and your team!

2. Keep your staff
Figure out who your key employees are and don’t let them go. Find a way so they can stay, so when the pandemic settles down, you have a solid team still with you as business goes back to normal. See if there’s other value your employees could be providing in these times.

3. Get your business online
It’s your digital storefront. Without a strong presence online, you haven’t opened up shop and are closed off to customers. Even with an active website online, is your website mingling with other websites and spreading its reach on the internet?
Is your website optimised to present your business in the best way or just a quick page you threw up with the help of a friend of a friend? You wouldn’t fit out a brick and mortar shop with unpainted doors, cheap lighting and poorly printed signage, so why would you do something similar on your digital storefront?
Build up your website for better brand awareness, generate more leads and increase conversions. If you are a newbie when it comes to business websites, you can get help from digital marketing experts.

4. Reinvent your business
There could be a hidden opportunity. Be creative and think about what your customers need right now. Be open to what is on-trend. Keep yourself open to any possibilities, innovation and changes.

5. Connect and Collaborate
Use any downtime as a chance to work on your marketing, probably something you’ve long ignored! But not just traditional marketing, I mean reach out and connect with others in your industry or complimentary industries. Share knowledge and ideas. You can work together to survive this pandemic.
Reach out to influencers, promoters, digital marketers, to help you take a look at potential opportunities to boost your business online.

6. Be kind and compassionate
Everyone is already distressed and feeling down because of this crisis, so lead your business with compassion and establish trust with the people you are working with and for you.
Thinks of ways to give back to the community by giving help and assistance, donations, and alike. People remember those who have been kind to them.

7. Keep going
Keep exploring and planning. Stay positive. Think about how you’ll successfully restore operations when the COVID-19 pandemic settles down. If you’re alone in your business planning, consider reaching out to a mentor, business coach or industry specialists to give you ideas and show you what’s new and trending. It could spark some inspiration or much needed motivation to keep going!

Thanks for tuning in. Join us next blog when we resume normal broadcast of website, SEO and other marketing things!

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