Abandoning the spam email

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements on a daily basis. It’s not an unheard of concept. To cope with such extraneous levels of marketing, people engage in selective attention. What is this you might ask? While we are subconsciously aware of the advertisements, consumers only respond to stimuli on a conscious level that is repetitively engaging or personally applicable.

Extending from this, mail marketing is a widely used marketing tool. It’s free, it’s quick and it reaches a broad audience. However with email boxes constantly building full of useless content, you have to noticeably stand out. Not only stand out for that matter, but attain a positive response from your consumers. The question is how does one achieve this?

Animation and infographics provide an engaging and interactive solution. As opposed to the traditional general text email, businesses are gaining positive responses through exciting email marketing. This may involve moving figures, a video, graph, meme or even just a picture. Adding a layer of excitement serves as a point of differentiation from competitors. Realistically, it also prevents emails being ignored or identified as spam. 

In fact, content with appealing imagery attains 94% more views than simply written email1. Furthermore, coloured visuals are found to increase people’s willingness to read stimuli by 80%2. Not to mention email use is increasing by an average of 7% per year, meaning more potential customers3! By even just highlighting those above phrases in another font and colour, this read has become slightly more stimulating.

My point is simple, visual material in email matters.

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