Are business cards a thing of the past?

Plenty of people will say business cards are a thing of the past. The internet is at the forefront of networking now. What’s the point in shaking someone’s hand and slipping them a card?

Yet the alternative view offers greater advantages. Business cards serve as an edge. It is not simply a name, phone number and email. These days it could be a LinkedIn, a Facebook page, an Instagram or Twitter you add on there. It’s your logo and branding in a small convenient 8cm by 5cm. This tiny form of advertising provides credibility, legitimacy and reliability to your business. The chance of being forgotten by prospective clients and customers is limited. It offers a layer of professionalism to your operations. By presenting a business card, people view your networking strategies as organic and sincere. Simply it means that you conduct your business face to face and wish to leave a lasting impression.

It is a case of it’s so old it’s new again.

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