Cloud storage showdown

It’s a no brainer when it comes to cloud storage. You dump all your files in one place, and have universal accessibility. With of course, the exception of internet access and a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – which these days are a dime a dozen. The only complexity that remains is what storage program to use.

Today we’re taking you step by step through comparisons of the industry leaders.

  • Google Drive

Lets start with Google Drive. They offer 15GB of free storage straight up, with a file restriction of 5TB. You are not able to earn additional free storage, rather pay $2/month for 100GB or $10/month for 1TB.

  • OneDrive

OneDrive offers 5GB of initial free storage, with a file restriction of 10GB. Similarly to above, there is no option to earn addition free storage. It is $2/month for 50GB.

  • Dropbox 

Finally, Dropbox offer 2GB of free storage, with a 10GB size restriction. Comparatively, this restriction does not apply to the Dropbox app. You are offered additional free storage under this program and it’s $10/month for 1TB.

Just some food for thought when you decide on your cloud storage provider. 

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