LinkedIn Elevate For Digital Marketing

LinkedIn Elevate has launched to allow companies and employees to share media, measure impact and curate content. The app is available on iOS, Android and Desktop. LinkedIn has designed the app to convert professionals who share content related to their industry on social media and showcase their knowledge. For example, a web design professional can now use LinkedIn to curate content about web development to build her personal brand.


A readily available stream of content allows companies to harness their employees innate online marketing activity. Companies can also benefit from their employees innate sharing activity within the app. For instance, a new video production has better reach when shared by an employee who has ten times more connections than their company.

When Adobe trialled Elevate they found each participant's activity generated three to four sales of their video production and graphic design solutions. The app measures this with detailed insights into clicks, job views and requests per post.

LinkedIn Elevate is an opportunity for professionals to demonstrate their employability and an online marketing tool for businesses. Yet another great example of the potential to harness free digital marketing on social media.

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