Why Do Email Marketing?

Browsing through the emails and E-newsletters you receive every day, you might wonder why those brands and companies never cease to send emails. Even though they know the ugly truth everyone knows that most people don’t even open those emails. Funny, isn’t it? What’s the point for businesses keep doing that? What’s the angle for their never-end email bombs?

The answer is simple. Sending emails is never just about getting the subscribers to buy more products to increase sales. Well, increasing sales means more profits, which would be the ultimate goal for a business, but before getting people to buy stuff from you, the most important thing is to keep your brand in people’s mind. If you can, keep it on the top of people’s mind.

If you have got a well-established email subscriber list, congratulations! You’ve got through the most difficult bit of email marketing. Now you just have to take care of some tiny little things as the following to help your subscribers remember you.

Transactional and Automated Email

Generally, a transactional email is the first email your subscribers would get and many more they will get if they interact with your official website more than once. Every transactional email is an opportunity for you to help subscribers remember what you do and what you offer. For many online businesses such as bloggers, a welcome email with freebies is super common while some businesses have a potential to make automated email fun without freebies. A recent example is Shelley Winkel, the global publicity manager for Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) who knows her out-of-office email very well.

out of office email done right
Image sourced from Escape.

See more how Shelley Winkel crafts her out-of-office email HERE.

Subject and Preview text

Since the busy lifestyle and the exponential amount of content your subscribers could come across, they probably would only spend a second on your email subject and maybe few more seconds on the preview text if they are interested in to decide whether they would click into your newsletter or not. Based on the time-poor subscribers’ behaviour, you have to keep your email subjects short and punchy to let them know what’s in the email in few words.

Another question you might ask is what if your carefully crafted subject and preview text still can’t get your subscribers open the email? Well, fear not. Your email still got subscribers’ impression on your business and that’s a win.

Design and Styling

Never underestimate the design and the styling of your email. The whole design and styling such as the colours, the brand colour, the images, the logo, the fonts, and the tone of the copy are all the elements shaping the image of your business in your subscribers’ mind. Keep a consistent design and styling will enhance your email viewers’ memories related to your business. People tend to act on things they are familiar with and when they have a strong impression and memories related to your business, you are winning.


Another design element in an email is its layout. Some marketers have been neglecting its importance while some marketers have been utilizing it without realizing it. Having a particular layout to organise the sections in the email is not only save you time to generate and put the relevant content in your EDM but also help the subscribers find the sections they are interested in. Always keep things easy for them is essential. If they have read one or two of your email, they would know exactly where they can find the content they want.

Anniversary and Birthday

In addition to the monthly or weekly routine emails, you have some other opportunities to remind your subscribers that you exist. The common ones would be the big days for you or your subscribers, such as the anniversary of your business and subscribers’ birthday. Most businesses use this kind of email as a mean to facilitate their sales numbers, but it’s totally ok if the subscribers didn’t bite the tempting 50% off kind of birthday voucher. Your subscribers saw your brand and your message. That’s an objective you’ve achieved. Anniversary/Birthday email can be modified and applied in a variety of business. You know how to make it work for you, don’t you?

If you haven’t started doing email marketing, you might want to start it. After all, you don’t want to miss the chance to get your target audience remember you, do you? Email marketing is like many other digital marketing tactics that you have to do it constantly. After the first welcome email, you might want to send out your newsletters on a regular basis. The frequency varies for different businesses; however, monthly newsletter would be a good start.

If you have more questions about Email Marketing, feel free to talk to us.

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