Facebook for Businesses

Facebook is one of the most time-conserving and affordable tools for marketing. It has attracted many businesses in recent years. For some, it has proven successful. These businesses became part of the pack and gained brand trust by entertaining and listening to their fans. For some, even though they post everyday, cannot seem to grow past a handful of followers. Several reasons for the failed Facebook business pages are:

  • Lack of quality content (entertaining or interesting, images)
  • Lack of networking across different groups
  • Lastly, simply because it was the wrong channel for their industry

The last reason isn't the business' fault. For business owners starting on Facebook for the first time, just remember who your target demographic is. Perhaps your efforts will be better spent elsewhere. Industries that more easily thrive on social media are Food, Fashion, Travel, Health, Events and Community-based interests, to name a few. Entire marketing campaigns (depending on the promotion) can rely on Facebook and because of its targeted marketing, gain successful numbers.

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