Things to Do for Business on LinkedIn

Different from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, LinkedIn is known as the most important platform for brands and professionals. It builds professional relationships amongst individuals and reputation for brands. In addition to have a well developed website, having a complete LinkedIn Business Profile is another way to give your company a professional look. You might have had a Business Profile on LinkedIn, but have you utilized it? The following is a small check list for you.

Fill in The Blanks

Apart from its strong capacity on building relationships and reputations, it’s basically an information hub of your brand. If you haven’t got your business information right and complete, you are losing your company image. To avoid that, filling out the musts like company specialties, links, core value descriptions and proposition and leaving no blank.

Figure Out Who’s Your Audience

As we mentioned, the audience on LinkedIn is totally different from people’s daily life social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. You may post some funny things, a.k.a. consumer-focused content, on those platforms to entertain and engage general public, but it’s better for you to think through who is on LinkedIn. Professionals feeding themselves with updated news, innovations in the industry, and recruitment information are your audience.

Publish and Share Relevant Content

Content is always critical when it comes to digital marketing and social media marketing. Rich media is very welcome for digital marketing people and very popular with digital viewers. On LinkedIn, it’s essential for you, a Business Page account manager, to publish and share contents relevant to your audience and to the company. One of the examples is an employment agency, they don’t simply put on job openings; they share advice for job seekers. The advice might come from their company blog or from a third party providing relevant information.

Post Regularly

Posting regularly is probably the rule number one in social media marketing 101. By doing so, you can keep your business page active and make your brand exist on followers feeds. As a LinkedIn Business Page manager, you don’t need to do a post everyday. It could be a frequency of 2-3 days a post or 2 posts per week depending on how many content you got and how active you would like to be.

Cross Promotion

If you would like to get the most out of LinkedIn and other online properties, don’t forget to link your page to your social media platforms, official website, and blog. In addition, sharing content across different social media platform is another way to draw people’s attention to your LinkedIn Business Page. You just need to be mindful of modifying the copy based on the platform you post.

Create Different Showcasing Page

If you have multiple brands or entities under one name, you would love LinkedIn Showcase Page. Creating different Showcasing Pages can draw a clear line between different entities and help you generate segmented contents to highlight a particular brand under your business or a specific product. It would help you communicate with your target audiences efficiently. P&G, L’Oréal, Ogilvy&Mather and many other companies have taken advantage of this to do their communication smartly and efficiently.

These are some ideas we collected from some of the best practices on LinkedIn Business Page. Have you done them all for your Business Page?

Depends on the essence of different company and industry, there are variations for you to consider and to find your best practice for your company.


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