Google goes to war on non mobile-friendly web design

Will your website survive mobilegeddon?

Everybody is talking about Google’s impending change to search coming 21 April. On this day mobile-friendly websites will rank first in search results while non mobile-friendly websites will be shoved down. Google is just meeting user demand for mobile optimised web design as people increasingly access internet from their smart phones

The change will be world wide and instantaneous. Googlebot has already compiled a list of who is mobile-friendly and who is not. So, who is mobile-friendly? Google has provided a tool and this is what it means:

Awesome, this page is mobile-friendly.

Congratulations and welcome, let us climb together to the top of the search-results rubble in the aftermath of April 21.

Not Mobile Friendly.

Come take shelter with StartCreative. We will bunker your website firmly in the top of search results and at your new customers fingertips.

Try your website in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and message us below for advice on how your web design can survive and thrive through mobilegeddon.

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