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Your goals form the blueprint of a business's web design. Sites that gorge on high conversions often have common features. Wether they are built for subscriptions, sales or contact information requests. Nearly every marketing agency use these features but they are often overlooked for websites in other industries. You can use these web design principles to increase the conversions on your business's site.

Offer Clear Calls To Action

What do you want people to do on your website? Give your customer a clear action to take on each page by using high contrast buttons and engaging copy. Make the next step clear to your visitor wether you need visitors to buy, request information or subscribe to your email list. 

Show Endorsements

Display your customer's logos, testimonials or numbers of subscribers through out the web design. Visitors quickly scroll through a site evaluating its credibillity. They make their judgement in secounds. Third party endorsements are the fastest way to establish trust. 

Use Simple Language

Put your visitor's viewpoint first by writing concisely. Hummanize the language to make it understandable to the average person. Big paragraphs, small font and industry jargon may dissuade. A site can develop rapport while providing an overview of your business; the details can be filled in later. 


Examples In Award Winning Web Design

Finalists and winners of the 2014 Australian Web Awards demonstrate some first class web design in the wild. Check out these sites to see these principles in effect.

Striking buttons and bold copy shuttled B&E Banking into the finals for commercial web design. Navigating the menu is intuitive with vivid options popping out of well spaced icons. Click here to view.

Enabled Employment boast a wall of web cred on their site. There are customer testimonials, job statistics and endorsements from awards to media appearances. It is a bit overkill but it demonstrates the variety you can use to establish your credibillity online. View here.

ASPAC Group use simple language to introduce some machines that most people won't have known exist. Some people who deal with plant and mobile equipment would know the jargon but hummanizing the language addresses the needs and challenges that visitors have in mind. Check it out.

A website can do a lot to passively draw sales so delegate some of the heavy lifting. Simplify, qualify and guide your visitors actions. The three web design principles that turn a digital-brochure into an automated sales agent.

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