Increasing your support

Wanting to increase your likes across those social media platforms?  
We're providing the perfect recipe as to how.

1. Networks 

Utilise your current networks, that being Facebook friends, Twitter or Instagram followers, LinkedIn connections, personal connections, email connections, Google+. Make your platform known amongst these groups. Send out like suggestions, send emails, post about your digital platform! The more people who are aware of your page, the more likes you will potentially attain. 

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Remain active in other sites too, for example blogs, forums or discussion pages. These pages consist of fellow industry professionals or simply average people requiring advice or assistance in your field. This will put your name out there and also contribute to SEO efforts. 

2. Consistent and engaging 

Ensure you're posting engaging content on a regular basis. Videos are most notably found to increase engagement but images, articles, shared content…anything your consumer or fellow industry professionals would be interested in or inspired by. Quality over quantity is the key value proposition here.

3. Plugins 

People are more likely to like your business if the option is simply a click on the side of their page. That's the Facebook page, website, email, LinkedIn, Twitter… anything you can. Make it accessible. 

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