Is Offline Marketing Campaign Boring?

When the marketing/advertising world puts so much emphasis on digital marketing and social media, marketers seem to forget the options outside the online world. The option of doing offline marketing campaigns is easily shadowed by the myth: digital marketing and social media are the best, which is not a definite truth.                       

We are not saying that digital marketing and social media marketing aren’t working well, but what we are trying to say is it’s not always the online efforts drive the offline actions. It can be the other way around. Offline campaigns can really drive social media conversations. Well, you can say driving online conversation is actually the objective of the offline campaign in the first place. 

The Key

The successful offline marketing campaigns that drive online buzz are generally eye-catching and interesting enough that make people’s hand craving for  their phone to take photos. In the other words, the key element of using an offline campaign to drive people’s online activities is the shareable User Generated Content.

If you are not quite convinced, JUST YET. The following examples should be able to win your heart.


delta dating wall 2017
IMAGE retrieved from AdWeek                       

Delta Dating Wall is a recently outdoor campaign done by Delta Air Lines and Wieden + Kennedy New York. The wall is located at Brooklyn and featuring nine exotic destinations printed photos and illustration by Andrew Rae for people taking selfies as if they travel to another country. Although it’s not really flying to the destination, it’s fun to take out a mobile to take some nice selfies.                     

Got A Dragon

Do you think newspaper is an old fashion media that’s too old to do something fun? The marketing campaign of the famous TV drama, Game of Throne, can change your opinion. 

Got a Dragon
IMAGE retrieved from AdWeek

This was a creative newspaper ad that HBO placed in New York Times for this TV drama’s Season 3. When you see the shadow of a dragon cross over your newspaper, how do you resist to take a photo of the dragon and share it on social media with your friends? YOU DON’T!

Do you still think offline marketing campaigns boring? Hope you don’t. It’s a card you can play to drive your social media conversation. If you do it creatively and integrate it right with social media, your audience will love it!


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