Key to a successful branding strategy

Consistency across all platform is key in effectively developing solid branding strategy.

1. Visual consistency

From your business name to the typography, logo, colour scheme and slogan, your visual appearance should speak your brand. By each of these working in tandem, consumers gain a heuristic and often subconscious understanding of what you represent.

2. Product and service consistency

Your brand message may state one thing, but is this reflected by your actual good or service? This incorporates everything from the product or delivery itself, to the staff or portal which provides an interactive business to consumer experience.

3. Value consistency

What do you stand for? Your business vision, values and objectives contribute to your brand message and identity. Consumers should recognise these aspects as appealing. They thus serve as a value proposition and competitive advantage.

Strong branding and consistency is hard to accomplish, and even harder to change. However once achieved, consumers are monumental business supporters.

Have you chosen the right branding strategy? 


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