Pokémon Fever

The whole world seems going crazy with being Pokémon trainers and catching Pokémon. With everyone’s eyes fixated and busy catching them, how do marketers catch the attention they need?

Here are some interesting business and real world imitatives riding on the global Pokémon Go phenomenon.

Pokémon Coins as Salary

A Danish IT company called Prosys is trying to attract young job seekers’ attention by offering virtual Pokemon coins as part of their salary package. Since players are willing to spend real money to obtain these virtual coins, this was an interesting idea!

Pokémon’s Tears

Syria is known for its unsettling domestic situation, but the global awareness of its need of help is still low. Syrian activists and Syrian artists ride on the Pokémon Go wave and created a series of imagery with Pokémon to capture the world’s attention to their need. The thousands of likes and shares on social media have proven the idea worked!

Lure and Catch in Pokestop

Pokestop is a real place for players to collect extra items like Poke Balls and potions for which attracts players to the spot. Since Pokemon Go is a game connecting to the real reality, local businesses, like The Burrito Bar, can utilize this feature to have more customers. As a Pokestop or near a Pokestop, what the business needs to do is get in the game and throw out lure modules to have more Pokémons around. Never underestimate the power of a lure module, it can lure more than Pokémons!

These Pokémon-related campaigns look impressive yet might be too big to be means for most marketers. As a fast thinking marketer with limited resource, the augmented reality feature and items in Pokémon Go can be something small enough to work on quickly. Fishing always needs a bait, in this case, the bait is Pokémon!

Let’s #CatchEmALL!

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