Quality or Quantity in Social Media

Social media is at the forefront of the marketing industry. It’s an effective and efficient form of networking, offering business social engagement at the click of a button. With so many platforms, businesses are offered numerous avenues, each equip with their differing benefits. In fact, if you don’t engage in social media marketing, consumers perceive your business as outdated or simply dodgy.

The media seems to highlight the need for consistent social media content. However, this is not necessarily the case. You are positioned with greater success through the use of rich, innovative and engaging content. Simply put quality over quantity.


In posting quality content, people follow and like material and are trusting that what appears on their feed is reliable and relevant.


The content posted is reflective of business branding. Do you want to come across as humorous, professional, quirky? Utilising content, businesses are able to shape consumer perceptions.

Social proof

By obtaining a high follow or like rate, businesses are able to exemplify their success. The key concept being, people are more likely to come across your content and will follow the crowd in supporting it.

So the end message is simple. Quality content produces quality customers. 

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