Shopfront Of Digital Marketing

Using Instagram for your business is like having a free window shop on Main Street. Literally Main Street, Australia’s largest demographic consults Instagram daily to reach purchase decisions. A business's digital marketing needs to keep up with Generation Y: six million people in Australia who will soon carry the bulk of buying power.

The first consideration is how does the thirteen to thirty-five year old demographic influence your industry. 84% of millennials consult social media to decide whether to buy a product. Instagram is not just for visual products found in the retail, entertainment and beauty industries. It can be used as a place to display company culture and attract great employees if your services are soft.

Though food is the most crucial industry where Instagram is directly affecting purchase decisions. Millennials not only want to read your menu online, they want to scroll through photos of your menu on Instagram. One good photo of your eggs and avocado on toast will make the decision for your customers for years to come. So invest in good photography and let customers window shop for your products or corporate culture while it is still free.

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