Start Creative joins MyWork

It’s a time of change in the world and at Start Creative, we have some exciting news of our own to share.

Team Up!

Start Creative has joined local digital agency – MyWork.

After many conversations, it was clear there were astounding similarities between our companies. Not just in the services we offer or the way we offer our services, but what we believe in and stand for in the web and marketing industry. This natural fit ensures there is not only minimal disruption to our clients, but what our clients will see in the coming months is a big improvement to our service. After all, individual talent is great, but a cohesive team of talent is unstoppable.

What will happen?

Start Creative will slowly become MyWork in the coming weeks. There will be no disruptions to client services. Our clients’ unaffected business operations is the number one priority.

I will be in touch personally over the coming weeks to introduce our amazing MyWork team. In the coming weeks, we will help you transition to MyWork, where Start Creative clients will have service improvements thanks to MyWork’s larger, well-established team and systems.

Start Creative’s service offerings and packages are no longer offered to new clients and in the coming months, will be phased out.

The future

It’s bright! We can’t afford to be idle in today’s marketplace. We hope everyone will notice the improvements in service and can’t wait to bring more innovative solutions to you for your business.

From the bottom of my heart, it’s been a pleasure to work together thus far and getting to know you and help in one way or another with your business. I look forward to continuing our journey for years to come as MyWork.

Kind regards,
George Lam
MyWork – Design Lead

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