Threat Proof Social In 3 Steps

One thing that keeps business from capitalizing on the bountiful opportunity in social media is the fear of exposure to bad reviews. Yet experience proves that even the most devastating comment can be transformed into growth. Last week Sydney’s Gelato Messina turned a negative review into dynamite publicity with a simple response. Here’s what they did and how you can apply it to your own business.

1. Own it

Find out as much as you can about the incident and become the authority on the situation by talking to involved staff. Time is of the essence, act quick and take control of your review publicly with a measured response.  

2. Resolve it

Take responsibility for the customer’s experience with a detailed resolution but don’t accept poor behaviour. Angry customers often break etiquette by swearing, using all caps or making over dramatic statements. All you have to do is be calmer and more reasonable than they are to win public support.

3. Better it

Gelato Messina would not have known their employee was losing customers without the bad review. Now the employee is on track and the review has been downvoted by customers who sided with Messina for calling out the reviewer's poor etiquette.  

The reality is that people can talk about your business whether you are active online or not. The point is: are you controlling that conversation or is an anonymous user running the show? A sincere apology is often enough to soothe the fiercest ego and a complimentary offer can sweeten the deal, but you’ve got to be there to get the opportunity.

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