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Video marketing is surging at the moment thanks to the decreasing cost of video production. This growth is quite an opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to expand their markets. American cloud based service Animoto recently conducted a survey to gauge customer valuation of online video for businesses. The results tell us a lot about the changing climate of online content and consumer behaviour.

80% responders say that videos explaining how products and services work have an effect on their purchase decisions. Customers are seeking detailed information about the products and services they choose. We feel a responsibility to do our research because the information we require to reach the best purchase decision possible is at our fingertips. At the same time we want to retrieve this information quickly, so when a company offers us a video explanation of its product then there is an instant point of difference that draws our attention away from alternatives. This explains why Animoto found 50% of respondents believe that companies should have video in their web design.

Marketing videos increase confidence in a business by engaging customer experience. This confidence can be further cultivated with customer testimonials. 56% found reviews to be helpful when deciding whether to buy. A review has a whole lot more authority when it is being spoken by a visible, real life person than it does in text.

Video production is outstripped by demand as the world watches 7 billion videos per day. Yet the cost to shoot video has never been lower. Animoto reports that one quarter of respondents lose interest in companies that don’t use video. Produce a video for your business and that one quarter is yours!

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