Case study – Catapult Partners


Services provided: Branding, graphic design, web design, website development

Catapult Partners is a financial advisory firm from Brisbane, Australia. They approached Start Creative, a web agency from Brisbane, to help them rebrand, create marketing presentations and collateral, and design and develop their website.

Catapult partners Website Design & Development


The first step in our approach was to figure out the brand personality of the company. We decided that a specific species of a barn owl would be a good mascot for the company. The client loved this because the owl reflected certain qualities about their company and is an elegant and sophisticated creature.

Start Creative designed new marketing presentation templates for Catapult Partners with light, desaturated colors and used dark blues and vivid oranges as highlights. Our barn owl was featured in various poses throughout the campaign. This branding was repeated in marketing imagery, stationary, and banners.

Catapult partners Social Media Design & Marketing


Lastly, the Start Creative team was responsible for designing, creating, and launching Catapult Partners’ new website. The website had to be professional, clean and crisp. We also wanted to increase interaction rates, so the layout was designed to be user-friendly and engaging. The result was an elegant website, displaying their new branding and presenting Catapult Partners with a greater air of authority than their old website did.

The client was thrilled with the results and found working with the new brand identity much easier than before, as it gave their artwork more coherence and consistency.

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