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Graphic design

Visual communication is planting a seed, whether a brand, service or product into someone’s mind and influencing action.

At Start Creative, our graphic designers and artists strive to position clients to their best advantage with smart strategy and high-impact creative.

We collaborate closely with our clients and offer a full set of graphic design services, from branding and identity, to advertisement design, information design, interface design, layout and sales design and more.

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Communicate effectively with your customers

At Start Creative, we help our clients with creative solutions not only to create a piece beautifully and professionally, but effectively in legibility, ease of use and drawing attention where required. Designing to a high standard, everyday we seek to understand consumer perceptions, emotions, thought processes using visual strategy and more, which is why our designs achieve results.

First we discuss your requirements; is the design for print or digital, for what purpose is your graphic to be used, where will it be placed, how long will viewers typically give their attention for your advertising space and of course, what is the specific goal of the design. These questions and more determine how we proceed to ensure once your graphic is online or printed, that it achieves its intended effect.

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Booklet / Brochure design

Whether corporate or casual, sales (e.g. catalogue) or informative (e.g. annual report), Start Creative will design your entire print publication. Simply leave the copy with us and we’ll arrange your information to be designed and arranged to your requirements. Need to present the information beautifully? Check. Need to present the information professionally and straightforward? Check.

Digital design

The opportunities for web advertising are abundant. Website graphics, Facebook and other social media, advertising banners, infographics and more are a crucial part of your online presence and must be consistent with your print branding. On top of this, you have to cut through the clutter, thus effective, strategic design couldn’t be more important.

Packaging design

Start Creative has designed packaging from paper takeaway bags to retail bottle labels, stickers and more. For complete packaging solutions, we can help your product stand out with ‘shelf appeal’.

Poster design

We provide poster design for any industry and any purpose. Whether to promote or to inform, we assess the goal of the poster and set out to achieve it. Need an attention-grabbing and memorable poster? Or do you need to display a lot of information in a highly legible manner? We can help.

Brochure design

Brochures are an extremely important marketing tool and in some cases, like a storefront for your brand. We look at your brand identity and style to ensure any information is presented correctly. In some cases, brochures are the only insight into your business from a customer, so it needs to be aligned with expectations and make an impact.


Brand identity must be consistent to convey professionalism and to produce brand recognition. We can help from logo design to applying your identity powerfully across letterheads, email signatures, business cards, folders, envelopes and more.

Print coordination

Start Creative has built long-lasting relationships with preferred suppliers who were carefully chosen for their price and quality, and are market leaders in the print industry. On top of this, we have partner discounts with select suppliers, the savings of which we pass onto you. We choose the best vendor for your specific requirements and coordinate everything from design to ordering (quantity, size, suggestion material, etc) to delivery.

Signage design

Start Creative designs store banners, lightbox displays, instore panels, real estate, billboards and more. We assess your location, visibility, duration of attention, direction of traffic and more to recommend the most effective signage for your business. That’s what sets us apart from normal designers, we design for results, not just for looks.

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