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Marketing Strategy & Campaign

Digital & Traditional Marketing – Develop the campaign that works for your business.

Start Creative formulates marketing strategies for all businesses, from all industries. Through careful market research, surveys, competitor analysis and online analysis, Start Creative identifies the strengths, the weaknesses and opportunities of your business to compose a plan for smart marketing. Marketing is always a risk, but it should be a calculated risk where the risk is acceptably minimised. Marketing activities without backing by research or data is not marketing; it’s just guessing.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the success of the marketing execution to deliver the desired results. A combination of supportive creative services is provided for everything needed in marketing communication like web development, video production, graphic design and more.

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  • Who is the business?
  • What is the current goal?
  • Sales targets
  • Budget
  • What are your competitors up to?
  • Identify target market
  • Identify correct marketing tools
  • ROI analysis
  • KPI’s
  • Trends analysis
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