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Let’s get to the top of Google.

Business that have recognised the power of Google have come to fully rely on the world’s most popular search engine to drive web traffic and inquiries to their business. When everyone’s first instinct when thinking about engaging in a service or buying a product is to jump to Google, you know it’s something to be taken seriously. Some industries see greater value than others in SEO, speak to a trusted provider who can advise you on your situation and options.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

You’ve probably seen or heard SEO terminology being thrown around abundantly. It’s hard to avoid, with SEO consultants from abroad pitching their services, promising amazing results for a low price. These emails fill your inbox. Their promises are not false, but discovering who the trusted providers are is the challenge.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website to appear in the top of Google search results. With Google releasing hundreds of algorithm updates every year, their focus is on their users being able to find accurately what they’re looking for. SEO consultants study these changes and are constantly updating their client’s websites to adhere to these changes, particularly if standing-damaging updates are released. The core activities of any successful SEO campaign entail:

  • High quality content optimisation
  • High quality links (off-site)
  • Thorough on-site optimisation
  • Website performance optimisation
  • Website compatibility optimisation

How does it work? – Our approach

It’s important to customise strategies for each of our clients by discussing the individual needs and goals.

As first a step, we perform extensive web research on your company, competitors, market and on your online audience. Then we develop an exhaustive list of search terms people use to find your company online. Then we put our changes in motion, to be picked up and acknowledged by Google.

After a successful SEO campaign, Start Creative will continue to monitor your website performance to make sure our work is getting new results, so your business maintains top ranking within Google. SEO is like going to the gym; work hard and you will reap the rewards in time, but if you suddenly stop, your progress will gradually disappear.

Our results

Our clients have all enjoyed positions on Page 1 of search results and in some instances, Position 1 for highly competitive keywords. They have come to rely on our service to maintain their inquiries, a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

In most cases, we can guarantee Page 1 position for lower-tier keywords, important for boosting company names, unique brand or product names. Highly competitive, generic keywords require more time and budget, thus we, nor any consultant can claim specific results. Start Creative is honest with our SEO assessments and our experience team will advise to align expectations prior to campaign start.

What’s different about our SEO?

Companies are skeptical when it comes to SEO, because there are many who claim to achieve fantastic results but make little or no progress. The SEO industry has been tarnished by these providers, if not by their lack of and damaging results, then by their aggressive sales tactics.

Start Creative has more than 10 years experience in Internet marketing and development. Our modern, informed and educated approach sets us apart from our competition and allow us to custom create a winning SEO strategy for your business.

We are Brisbane-based! We’re new on the scene and our reputation is very important to us. It bothers us when we see businesses not making a return on their investment due to poorly performing SEO or marketing campaigns, which creates a poor image of our industry.

Start Creative’s concept is to build a long-lasting relationship with your business and we know the only way to achieve this is to provide you with top-notch results.


Terms of performance range from 4 to 24 weeks. Same as the cost of works, terms vary a great degree depending on the level of competition of websites under the chosen keywords and the current positions in search engines.

As practice shows, the first sign of positive results can be expected 4-6 weeks after works start.

In cases of high-level competition among websites on the set of keywords defined by our client, works proceed until demanded indicators are achieved.

Upon campaign success of achieving desired goals, we review and advise our clients so they may decide to continue for ongoing maintenance and strengthening of standings.

Progress Reporting:

This report is provided on a monthly basis, which demonstrates our accountability and provides our clients invaluable updates on progress such as tracking position changes, competition and market changes.

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