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Start Creative provides professional video production services in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Whether you need video filming, editing or motion graphics, our utmost care and dedication goes into each video, ensuring it’s effective and aesthetically pleasing.

At Start Creative, we offer video production quality that is ordinarily afforded only by large corporate clients with extravagant budgets, but utilising the latest film-making techniques and software, we have the know-how on how to produce a great video without breaking the bank. Inquire about our competitive quotes, tell us about your video project today.

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Tell more with video. Videos not only create a more professional image for your business, but provide dynamic content,
a refreshing break from text and image content.

Website videos

You have only a few seconds to capture the attention of your website visitors before they decide to close your webpage. An
engaging web video will vastly increase the amount of time a viewer stays on your website and has been repeatedly
shown to increase conversion rates, which means more sales.

Web videos should be an essential part of your online marketing strategy if you’re serious about improving engagement and conversions on your website.

Training and Education videos

Companies, large or small, require training videos to educate their employees on certain aspects of their business. Or demonstration
video are required to be provided to customers so they know how you use your product. It is paramount that training/education
videos clearly provide the necessary information succinctly and accurately. We produce training videos in the closest
co-operation with the client to ensure their precise needs are met.

Commercial video production

Commercial videos are a key tool to introduce products to consumers. An effective video will sell with emotion and linger
in your viewers’ memories, ready to be triggered again by brand recognition later. Can you think of any commercials
that get stuck in your head? Whether advertising for broadcast on TV or internet ads on YouTube or your website,
we can assist from drafting a gripping idea and storyboard, to providing the full production of your commercial.

Event videography

For large events that need to be documented for reference, archiving or edited into a summary video, we provide a full package
filming service to ensure the entire event is covered. Seminars, presentations, galas, trade-shows, marketing events
and more are easily covered by our team. We edit the full footage to provide you with every presenter, every slide
and every round of applause.


From a reliable brand, customers expect a professional image, so your product and people photography must reflect this expectation.
Whether it be food/drink, corporate portrait, interior, landscape, event or product photography, our photographers
and photo technicians can assist with your next photoshoot.

Motion graphics

Spice up your videos with great motion graphics. Capture your audience’s attention and raise the level of quality of your
next video. Whether it’s a quick intro/outro animation or a fully motion graphics animated video, motion graphics
are unique and create a sense of professionalism normally only achieved by larger companies. Motion graphics are
also a great way to explain a complex topic or to sell a product/service. Its fun and engaging nature makes for great
social media videos or special touch to spice up an otherwise plain video.

Corporate profiles

The best way to introduce a company and tell audiences who you are and what you do. An awesome corporate video should capture
the heart and soul of a brand, that every member of the business is proud to show off. Whether for internal values
use or a company summary video to educate the public, we can assist you closely in creating a branded video that
will be beneficial for years to come.

Testimonial video production

The customer story, also known as a testimonial, is a powerful marketing tool. A good customer story video uses a short,
cinematic documentary approach to tell an engaging story from your customer’s perspective. When your potential clients
see their peers talking about real problems and how your company assisted, in addition to the results, it speaks
louder and more directly than ordinary marketing messages that are drummed up. Instill trust and credibility in your
audience towards your company.

Color grading

Color grading is the process of modifying and enhancing the colors of a video digitally. Every music video, commercial, event
video, documentary, needs impressive color grading. Good colour grading is a subtle art, but done correctly, the
final product is immensely more watchable and aesthetically pleasing. A must for high-end video production.

Animation & 3D

For dream-like visuals that break the barriers of reality, video production containing animation or 3D objects may be what
your brand needs to effectively promote your product or service. Cost effective solutions can be sourced and your
vision could be brought to life more easily than you think. To present a highly professional image, consider using
animation or 3D in your next video.

Subtitling & Transcribing

If you have videos, long or short, that require subtitling, speak to us today. Accuracy can be an issue in video subtitles,
so you need a team who can be relied on. This comes down to the transcriber, if they are a native speaker
and if they are a local who is familiar with the slang and speech nuances. Our local team is ready to transcribe
and add subtitles to your video with accuracy.

Video salvaging/adjustments

Sometimes an expensive video production is completed but a glaring mistake stands out only months later, after losing contact
with your video producers. Sometimes you simply require a small, quick fix to an existing video. Anything
is possible, so before your produce a new video, talk to our team about how we could help salvage or alter
an existing video.

Creative team

Our video production team has been filming and editing with hundreds of completed videos under our belts. Our team produces
corporate videos, web videos, event videos, image films, commercial videos, training videos, education videos, subtitled
videos, music videos and photography.

Visual imagery is what makes your message unique and sets you apart from others
in your given industry. With a well-planned and effectively executed production, you will stand out from your competition
but not only that, you will linger in your customer’s minds. What more powerful marketing tool is there in this digital
age? This understanding is what sets our team apart.

Our capabilities cover every process of video production whether
story-boarding, shooting, editing, motion graphics, titling, color grading, voice recording and mixing, DVD / Blu-Ray
authoring, and more. We can deliver the final video production in any desired format for use on the internet, television
and consumer formats.

All of our videos are produced using the latest editing styles, shooting style and technologies.
We have in-house editing suites, configured with the latest hardware and software. We’re equipped and ready to produce
your next video.

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Visual storytellers.

Start Creative’s team love to create vibrant and exciting stories. It is our passion to bring interesting ideas to life.
We are committed to producing films that evoke the image and style desired by our clients. The quality of our productions
is perhaps best illustrated by our ever-expanding list of video clients. Each video we create tells a story in an inspiring,
emotional way, directed to reach the right target audience.

We believe every video should tell a story (it’s only the
most effective way to communicate), so we ensure there’s a flow and your video content is easily digested by audiences.
Like a messy flyer or poster design, videos can be cluttered and un-engaging as well. We focus on your goal and build
a story to arrive at that destination, whether it’s to educate, inform or convince your audience.

Online brand builders

As a business owner or marketing manager, you know what your customer likes and what they need. But today’s customers want
to see your products or services online, they want to know what your company does, who you are, in as short time
as possible. You may only get one shot to communicate to most of your prospective customers.

  • Research shows that over 70% of people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.
  • Statistics show if there is a video on your
    website, visitors will spend 400% more time on it, compare to other sites without video content.

Video is short, entertaining and easy to understand. The average internet user spends more than 12 hours watching videos
a month, so if you want to expand your business, increase your profit and want to reach out to more customers, our
innovative and insightful team can help you construct and design a video or animation based on your specific needs.
With the assistance of our online marketing team, we can help you deploy your video online and get it seen. We give
real world solutions to your problems, and straight forward answers for all of your questions. Start Creative Video
Production Brisbane can help you to tell your story and grow your brand.

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Prices and Competitive budget.

We at Start Creative want to achieve results for you and will ensure the final product achieves its KPIs. If video is not
your area of expertise, we will support and advise you from beginning to end. Our video producers are experts in their
field and we believe the final product is best if our client gets involved and understands the process as well, so we
will take the time to guide and answer any questions you may have about the video production process.

How we do it.

1. Planning

Brainstorming to discuss your aims, concepts, key messages, target audience and collect information on your company, products
and services. This planning stage is a two way process between what you tell us about your market and goals and what
Start Creative will suggest to you to formulate a successful video.

2. Proposal

We provide a summary of your project with the production schedule, budget and terms, everything what you need to know before
the production is started.

3. Pre-Production

Pre-production involves script development and approval, including visuals and voice-over, preparing the location, and rehearsals
if required. Finally, we complete principle shooting, filming and recording every element we will need later on in

4. Post Production

Selecting music, recording the voice-over, optimising images and videos, editing to the approved script. We carry out completion
of motion graphics, titles, effects, color grading and visual effects, exactly as planned.

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