Video Transcribing & Subtitling

In the age of social media and mobile devices, muted videos have taken over. Do your videos have subtitles to make the impact it should be?

For the hearing impaired or in environments where audio is disabled, subtitled videos are becoming more prominent than ever. Automated speech recognition subtitling offered by platforms such as Youtube/Facebook are not yet at the level where transcriptions are perfect. In the social media age where subtitles are more popular than ever, you need reliable and affordable high quality subtitling services. Done correctly, it can make a video even more engaging and entertaining.

Start Creative provides video transcribing and subtitling services as an add-on to our video production. Whether you require assistance with your video project from start to finish or you already have your video produced, call us today. Our transcription team is based in Brisbane, Australia. Our subtitling services are affordable, efficient and most importantly, accurate.

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  • Native English-speaker Aussie subtitling team based in Brisbane, Australia
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