Web App Development

Web app development is immensely more accessible in modern times, with cloud computing in mainstream use, more companies are starting to take advantage of the ability to develop complex websites more easily than previously possible.

Need a:

  • Training / compliance system?
  • Scheduling / event booking system?
  • Ordering / ecommerce system?

These custom websites can basically run your business by interlinking the customer/admin process and automating time-consuming tasks, allowing better communication with customers and streamlined processes for your staff to run more efficiently.

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What’s involved?

1. Business goal

Firstly, we assess and understand your need for web software development. With a development process which can take anywhere from 6 months to 12 months, we will align realistic expectations and ensure of a viable outcome prior to commencement, as we want to ensure our implementation succeeds in its objective.

2. Plan & advise

Next, everything is mapped out down to the last detail. A thorough revision stage takes place to identify risks, potential issues and opportunities. To ensure the most efficient development process, thorough planning is required.

3. Development

With milestones set, your system now goes into development mode, seperate into delivery phases/milestones. At each milestone, functionality is presented for feedback and approval. Start Creative works closely with clients to ensure the system is built correctly and efficiently.

4. Support

Once operational, Start Creative stays in close contact to provide technical support, alterations, upgrades and general maintenance/security. Proper care ensures your platform continues to operate smoothly, throughout changes and upgrades in 3rd-party applications and web development standards.

What have you built before?

All custom-built, our clients came to us requiring websites with functionality tailored specifically for their business. Most include integration with 3rd-party applications such as Xero and payment gateways like Eway. Enquire today if you have an idea to streamline your business.

  • Event/appointment booking platform with customer scheduling/invitation interface and admin venue/guest/speaker/event management
  • Ordering platform with customer frontend ecommerce and admin product/quote/order/delivery/invoicing management
  • Training platform with user/location-specific interface and admin interface allowing creation of training materials, courses, exams and score-checking
  • Donation platform with general user donation management interface and admin advertising/funding allocation/user management
  • Automated data extraction/processing platform with Excel import/download functionality

What were the results?

Savings and time. In all cases, our clients noted drastically reduced working hours required to complete tasks. By automating tedious tasks more than tripled productivity for our clients and allowed our client’s staff/team to focus efforts on new business-building initiatives.

Eliminated paper. With everything stored on an online database, records and data are accessible anywhere, anytime. This makes accessing and working on data easy, and also makes sharing easy, allowing multiple staff members to work in collaboration without printing a single page.

All new sales. Our clients’ customers found the new interfaces to be a breath of fresh air, with its modern layout and functionalities. This increases customer confidence, as well as being easy to browse and navigate, making shopping/booking/enquiring much easier. Our clients saw their interaction rates and sales go up after switching to our new platform.

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